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How to Turn a Closet into an Office DIY

Posted by Martins Olise on February 2, 2021

Here are a few fun and easy ways to spruce up your new closet workspace to make it feel less, well, like a closet. As someone who spends the majority of her week hanging out in a closet, I cannot underemphasize the importance of making this space both comfortable and functional. There are lots of creative ways to turn your closet into an office space. She knew I was in desperate need of a spare room that I could convert into a small office space. But finding apartments with an extra room, at least in my price range wasn’t happening. It’s no secret you’re working with a small space here, and while you might not be able to spread your work out over multiple square feet, you always have the opportunity to build vertically.

Connect the fronts of the cabinets by hiding 1-1/4-in. Hang the cabinets by resting the bottom edge on the ledger, tipping them up against the wall, and driving 3-in. Then screw countertop supports to studs at the back and sides of the closet. Draw level lines for the bottom of the countertop and cabinets. Transfer these measurements to your plywood and cut out the two pieces. Use less-expensive plywood for the bottom if you like.

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She started by measuring the space, so she could find a small desk and chair that would fit perfectly into the nook. The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper convert closet to office around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down. “It’s super easy but requires attention and patience,” she adds.

To create the shiplap, she and her husband opted to buy 1-inch thick plywood that was already primed and was then cut the length of the wall. Installing the shiplap took the couple two full days. The hardest part was ensuring each board was straight and evenly spaced out. Austin, who was going for a boho farmhouse look, added wallpaper on the side walls of her closet and shiplap on the back wall. When Taya Schnell needed a dedicated work space at her home, she decided to add an office to a spare closet. The “cloffice” is still serving her well months later.

Chic and Colorful

If you need to maintain a secure filing system, you’ll need a closet that can handle the width and depth of a file cabinet when it’s closed and when the drawers are fully open. You may find that you already have a kitchen chair or stool that fits well into your closet office. If it’s made of wood or metal, perhaps shop for a cushion to increase your comfort level when perched there for several hours.

convert closet to office

The advantages of this solution are uncluttered, floating monitor look, flexible viewing angle and ease of installation — just make sure your monitors are VESA-compatible . Anything else would most likely break the space and make the workstation area appear too isolated from the rest of the house. Don’t forget to leave a bit of breathing room on the wall and stay away from intricate decorative frames as these can be distracting. A mirror also reminds one of a window, which can make you feel better in a windowless office. Add some greenery to improve the aesthetic of your cloffice and boost up your mood. However, we would like to remind you not to make the mistake of having only central lighting or only one kind of lighting.

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Plus, there’s no uninstall required should you choose to convert the space back into a closet in the future. The next best thing to a fully customized solution is installing an extra long, extra wide-shelf that can double as either a desk, or storage space, should you change your mind in the future. Blogger Aimee Page did just that in her home, adding thoughtful touches including a chalkboard wall and rolling supply cart to really embrace the theme. If bright colors aren’t your thing, have no fear—a cloffice doesn’t have to be filled with vibrant prints and patterns in order to shine.

Only reason I can think of is if the IKEA wardrobe is a downgrade in terms of closet space. While working in a closet may sound cramped, once you remove the unnecessary clutter, you will see what a prime real estate area it is for your home office. Want design ideas and inspiration delivered directly to your inbox? Follow my blog for updates from the front lines of design.

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